R&D project in the field of Photovoltaic Energy: PV Spread

The PV SPREAD project  (Stimulating PV REliance, Advance and Dissemination) vision is to create a software and hardware ecosystem that supports the designer of photovoltaic systems in all technical areas and stages of the development of the photovoltaic project, therefore reducing uncertainty and attesting to its accuracy and quality.

This project is made under a consortium structure (entities: Digitalmente, Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the Nova University of Lisbon, Engibase), and it belongs to the ‘Projecto de I&D em Copromoção’  type, having been financed within the framework of the European Union’s “Portugal 2020 program”.

  • Designation: Projetos de I&DT Empresas em Copromoção. PV_SPREAD: Stimulating PV Reliance, Advance and Dissemination
  • Project code: LISBOA-01-0247-FEDER-039846
  • Tender reference: AAC nº 31/SI/2017
  • Apllication: 039846
  • Main goal: OT 1 – Reinforce research, technological development and innovation
  • Region: Lisboa
  • Beneficiary: Engibase – Engenharia e Construção, Lda.
  • Date of approval: 16-05-2019
  • Start date: 01-06-2019
  • Finish date: 28-11-2021
  • Duration: 30 months
  • Total eligible cost (consortium): 497.576,18 €
  • Total eligible cost (region Lisboa – Engibase and FCT): 276.603,14 €
  • European Union Financing (consortium): 270.261,87 €
  • European Union Financing (region Lisboa – Engibase and FCT): FEDER  110.641,25 €

Objectives, activities and expected results:

The end of subsidized rates for the decentralized production of energy poses new challenges to the photovoltaic project and design, namely when auto-consumption regimes are considered. PV SPREAD advocates the creation of an ecosystem that supports the supplier / designer, simultaneously promoting trust and accuracy, which in turn will feedback and accelerate the dissemination of these tools. PV SPREAD objectives are as follows:

  • To develop an innovative ecosystem for supporting the design phase of the photovoltaic project, that produces commercial proposals in an automated, optimized and accurate way.
  • To develop intelligent algorithms and hardware and software tools which, in an integrated and holistic way, support the designer.                
  • To promote an accurate and trustful  environment between designers/suppliers of photovoltaic installations and the general public. Ultimately, it is required that PV SPREAD will constitute a quality label for the projects made under the framework of this ecosystem.